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The price of $1,275 for the full multi-user software (for up to 26 users in a network) includes two (2) months' subscription to our Software Support and Update Service, which is $396 each six months.  You only ever need to pay this subscription while you continue to use the software.  You may phone us to order and it will be sent by Express Post so you can start using it soon.

So why not try what is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive, hassle-free and longest established dental packages in Australia - now recently updated with numerous additional features.  Not only do you get the usual features handling Patient Accounts, Tooth Charting, Appointments, Recalls and Management Reports, but also Payroll, Bookkeeping, Creditors, Stock Control and many utilities.  

You will also appreciate the speed and ease of use, together with a unique PIN security system preventing anyone else from reading your patient information from a backup file, even if they have our software. You may read more information on the Features page,

Please phone or text us in Australia on:  0401579553 to discuss without obligation.  We can also design and maintain a wide-screen website (with a dot com name) for just $175 a year:  click here!
for multi-user system
design and
hosting only
$175 a year 
Click here!