Just some of the features you will appreciate are ...

1.  Seeing a single screen with information about all patients in a family, their appointments, photo cards, medical alerts, notes and outstanding balances.

2.  Being able to enter services, account adjustments and payments received, then print an account all with as little as four or five keystrokes.

3.  Being able to enter a new appointment with just a few clicks or keystrokes - no need to type names, phone numbers or service particulars.

4.  Australia's best security system with unique encrypting of patient information which cannot be read even with another copy of our software.  No longer do you need to worry about a locum setting up a new practice and contacting your patients.

5.  A fast and comprehensive back up system which makes 11 backups on each USB stick.

And remember - all your other bookkeeping, creditors, stock and payroll are handled with integrated systems that save you time and money. Click here for further details!
Please phone Doug Cotton on 02 98733300 to obtain your software and free telephone support for the first two months, or just order through eBay here and get it next day by Express Post.