Features - in more Detail
The System is divided into seven Modules ...

1.  Accounts Module: Handles Patient Accounts and includes Medicare Bulk Billing and also Instalment Billing.  End of Month processing produces detailed reports most of which can also be produced for any period at any time.  Bank deposit slips are produced and the totals automatically transferred to the Income and Expenditure item in the Books Module.
2.  Books Module:  Includes your General Ledger (Income and Expenditure) as well as Creditors and even Payroll with PAYE tax calculations.  There are also Practice Statistics, Referring Doctor records, Monthly Financial totals and Analysis of expenditure.

3.  Days Module: Handles Appointments with various display modes such as all practitioners for a given day, or a whole week for any one practitioner.  There is also Waiting Room tracking and utilities such as a Job List, Note Pads and "What's On Today" reminders for both once off and regular events.  .

4.  Letters Module: Enables you to write letters which can be automatically addressed to patients or other practitioners, suppliers etc.  There is an automatic recall system with an SMS option, as well as estimates and form writing.  A mailmerge item produces lists, labels or complete letters for patients who can be selected with a wide range of criteria.

5.   Records Module. This handles all your Tooth Charting and Patient Records which can include both text and photos, x-rays, scanned documents and other images.  Informative analysis can be carried out on many fields.  You may also keep clinical notes and stock records.

6.  Set Up Module:  Here you can enter or edit your fees, messages, headings, form layout and various other parameters.  You may also apply percentage increases for up to eight columns in your fees schedule.

7.  Utilities Module:  Whilst this module is primarily for our fast and very comprehensive back up processing, it also includes additional utilities for viewing files and resizing images, sending messages within your network, determining a patient's Body Mass Index and running other programs we include such as timers, a calculator and a record system for real estate rental properties..